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*SCIENCE FLASH* [Apr. 22nd, 2004|12:27 pm]
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Radium Water Cures!!!!

Radioactive water, popular in the 1920's, was consumed by doctors and patients alike. Radioactive water is said to have a tonic effect. The Revigator, a crock lined with radiactive ore, was used to produce radioactive water at home. One scientist estimates that water left in these crocks overnight was five times as radioactive as the maximum recommended for well water today. Another avalible option was Radithor, a pre-mixed radium water manufactured in New Jersey by W. J. A. Bailey during the 1920's. Bailey called it "A Cure for the Living Dead".... meaning a cure for mental illness and retardation! One of Radithor's fans was Eben Beyers, a steel tycoon in Pittsburg. Mr. Beyers drank 1400 bottles of Radithor and became so seriously ill with radium poisoning that portions of his mouth and jaw were surgically removed before he died in 1931. His death, noted on the front page of the New York Times, marked the beginning of the end of the popular radium water cures.